Great stories are well-built stories

You don't have to be Hemingway to tell impactful stories. In this 6-month long course, I'll teach you the structure and habits you need to tell great stories at work, at home, and with your friends.

  • Join the community

    Get real-time feedback and discuss inside a support community of story-builders

  • Learn to "Build the Story"

    Each weekly lesson helps you focus on a specific storytelling skill, practice, or habit so you understand how it all fits together.

  • Create a habit that works

    New habits come with practice, so we'll work together for 6 months learning piece-by-piece

You've read the books...but do you get this reaction?

Want to be heard, understood, and trusted? I'll help you tell stories with impact.

What do you get?

Here's how you'll build a storytelling habit:

  • Every Thursday, you'll get a mini-lesson + assignment in your inbox. It will take you about 20 minutes to finish, but you'll be thinking about it all week.

  • On Monday, you'll submit your mini-assignment to me and the community

  • By Wednesday, you'll get and give feedback to learn from your cohort

  • 2X per month we'll have optional, live, Zoom-based storybuilding sessions to answer questions and help you with your own work

  • If you want to move faster to work on a specific pitch, presentation, or public speaking engagement, you'll get a discount on my storybuilding services

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Next cohort starts on May 4th

What are people saying about this?

“I learned something BIG today! I used to believe that I wasn't a storyteller. Today Dan showed me we are all storytellers, and if we apply a few simple techniques, telling great stories is easy! ”

Michael B

“"Dan taught me more about storytelling in 15 minutes than a $1000 course could have taught me in a year."”

Drew B

“"I officiated my first wedding last night and your class on storytelling was crucial to making it a successful and enjoyable experience for me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my soul."”

Ross R

“"Dan is a brilliant mix of intelligence, skill, and kindness. He helped me craft my story and articulate in a way I never could...I can highly, highly recommend him."”

Christine H

“"I was rapt from the beginning...Your examples were insightful, thought-provoking, and humorous. "”

Brenda M

Meet your guide!

Dan Manning

Chief Story Architect

Dan learned to tell compelling stories as a fighter pilot, but he eventually became a speechwriter and diplomat where storytelling became the skill unlocking opportunities for himself. But, it all changed when he built a system to build impactful stories. He's used his system to build 100's of stories impacting thousands of people and businesses. Now he primarily works with entrepreneurs, Founders, coaches, and consultants to cut through their own noise and build stories that connect with investors, customers, and employees.

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